Jobs Crisis as 20,000 under 25’s unemployed in Dublin – Donohoe

13th January, 2010


Regional Live Register figures from the CSO show a crisis with youth
unemployment, particularly in the Dublin region, according to Fine Gael Senator Paschal Donohoe.

“The Government’s lack of a strategy to deal with the crisis of youth unemployment has been proved yet again by the publication of new regional figures from the Central Statistics Office today (Tuesday). The figures show 84,398 people unemployed under the age of 25. The regional breakdown is shocking, with Dublin experiencing a +38% increase in December 09 compared to the previous December.

“There are now 19,989 under the age of 25’s unemployed in the city and region of Dublin. The Government’s main response to this crisis is to cut social welfare levels, but this is madness if the jobs and training places are not available for young people in the first place.

“In December 07 there were 8,011 under 25’s not working in Dublin. Now, at nearly 20,000, this represents a tragic waste of human energy, education  and enthusiasm. In the boom, there was an enormous transfer of wealth from the young to the old. House prices rocketed, granting those already on the property ladder an enormous asset, while young people attempting to get on it and deal with the rising cost of living were left with a massive debt. These are the same young people now dealing with the loss of jobs or job insecurity.

“I have no doubt that the old Fianna Fail attitude that emigration acts a “safety valve” is still prevalent in the Government now. Forced emigration is not only a personal tragedy but a national catastrophe, which sees our potential drained and talent wasted. On a purely economic level, we are investing millions of euro in education only to see this talent whither on the dole queues.

“Fine Gael has new plans for dealing with this crisis. Our plan ‘Hope for a Lost Generation” consists of a national internship programme, a second chance education scheme and a national apprenticeship scheme through the Office of Public Works. All this Government can do is cut social welfare for the young, whereas Fine Gael’s plans would help them realise their potential”.