Jobs for the Boys (and Girls)

16th February, 2010

Deirdre de Burca has now made another statement about why she resigned from Seanad Eireann and Government. I’m not sure now what is worse – the truth or the fact that Deirdre felt that it was ok to tell it!

I worked with Deirdre in the Senate and in fact closely with her in the Oireachtas Sub Committee on Ireland’s Future in Europe. She was a professional and hard working colleague. But the announcements of today are amazing.

The truth is that Deirdre is nearly the only member of the Green Party for whom John Gormley has not secured a plum job. All other defeated candidates, leaflet droppers and ex – councillors are now enjoying sinecures at the expense of the taxpayer.

The Green Party always maintained that their party isn’t about jobs for the boys (and girls). You have to now ask, is it about anything else? Deirdre wanted to work for a pro nuclear, pro GMO foods unelected Commissioner (none of which are exactly Green Party manifesto themes). None of this happens and she resigns from the Seanad.

This isn’t exactly the accountability and resignations that people were looking for. Deirdre and George Lee?