John Bruton – President of the European Council

1st November, 2009

Given that John’s updates have always figured on my website I have to acknowledge his candidacy for the post of the European Council. I’m just delighted that John is going for the job. It shows again the amazing job that Ireland has done in progressing itself on the European stage.


It also throws Tony Blair and his candidacy into sharp relief. I am opposed to him getting the job (not that my view makes the slightest difference). The reason is not Iraq. For me the fact that Britain is not in the eurozone and that Blair never really challenged Brown to deliver a referendum on the issue. Also, given that the Conservatives are against him getting the job how could you have Blair doing this job with a Prime Minister Cameron opposed to him?


But, it’s great that John has his name in the ring. Great, that the Taoiseach is backing him. It would appear to me that his lack of presence at summits over the last decade might really hurt his campaign but you underestimate the man from Meath at your own risk!