Joint Statement by Government and Public Service Committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions on the Implementation of the Lansdowne Road Agreement

17th January, 2017

A process of engagement has taken place between the Government in its capacity as the Public Service employer and the Public Service Committee of ICTU under the framework provided by Section 6 of the Lansdowne Road Agreement to address an anomaly issue arising in the context of Labour Court Recommendations (CD/16/321& CD/16/322) in respect of the Garda Associations.


In acknowledgement of this anomaly that has arisen, the Government has agreed to an increase in annualised salaries of €1,000 for the period 1 April 2017 to August 2017 inclusive for:

  • those on annualised salaries up to €65,000;
  • who are parties to the Lansdowne Road Agreement; and
  • who do not stand to benefit from the Labour Court Recommendations (CD/16/321 & CD/16/322).

This additional payment is being offered by Government on the understanding that there will be continued adherence to the terms of the LRA, and in particular, its mechanisms to resolve disagreements before they escalate into industrial disputes over the remaining period of the Agreement. The requirement therefore to adhere to industrial peace will be fully observed in all sectors.

The Oversight Group for the Agreement will meet regularly in order to take an active role in addressing any major disputes that arise ensuring compliance with the relevant terms of the agreement over its remaining term.


The Public Services Committee of ICTU recognises the value of this payment but has advised the management side that outstanding issues will be pursued in the further talks to take place following the initial report of the Public Service Pay Commission.