Saving the Centre -Op-ed for Sunday Independent

9th March, 2020

The political centre has served Ireland well since we opened to the world from the 1960s onwards. It has enabled us to become one......

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Op-ed on Annual Report of Project Ireland 2040

2nd May, 2019

In the aftermath of the 2008 economic collapse, Ireland’s public infrastructure spending was severely curtailed with capital investment lowered to 2.5 per cent of......

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Op-ed on No Consent, No Sale Bill 2019

7th April, 2019

  The legacy of the global financial crisis still casts a long shadow over those in mortgage arrears in Ireland.  Despite the fact that......

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Op-Ed Deepening Economic and Monetary Union

7th March, 2019

While Brexit appears to dominate the agenda at EU level, the reality is that many other hugely important policy debates are taking place. A......

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Op-ed on public pay – SBP

4th January, 2019

  A decade ago we lost our economic sovereignty, our economy plunged into the deepest of crises. The clear lesson learned is that the......

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