1st November, 2010

On Saturday night I had the huge pleasure of participating in the Leviathan Political Cabaret. This event focused on an interview with Peter Mandelson by Miriam O’Callaghan followed by a panel discussion on the need for a new politics in Ireland.

The Lord from Foy and Hartlepool was brilliant. He made the highly relevant point that political parties must seek to have their values, their policies and their presentation in alignment. When they are all equivalent this will lead to both strong government and campaigning. Highly pertinent.

I participated in the panel discussion afterwards. I made the point that I did think that politics would change massively in Ireland. This is for the simple reason that it has to. There will be more demand from the electorate for a different kind of representative. There will also be far more focus on changing our national political institutions. Not doing any of this will pose a risk to our sovereignty.