Lisbon Latest

13th September, 2009

Had a very positive canvass in Cabra for the Lisbon Treaty. Worked through Faussagh Road asking residents to vote ‘yes’. Two reasons were behind ‘yes’ voters. The economy, and fear regarding how things could get worse, were uppermost. Secondly, quite a few people commented that they felt better informed. Hopefully the public debate and the work of the Referendum Commission is contributing to all of this.


Saw some really great posters up in town. ‘No to nuts, yes to Lison, sick of coir, say yes’ is a great poster. Quick, funny and to the point. Also like the ‘Never mind the b*****ks, it’s the same treaty’ by Eirigi. Don’t think everyone will get the sex pistols reference, but I enjoyed it. Good poll just out too, with a very strong Yes showing. Still, I am convinced it will be a tight poll. I’ll be out every day.