Lisbon Public Meeting

22nd September, 2009

We had our public meeting on the Lisbon Treaty last night. It was held in the Half Way House on the Navan Road. Around 40 people turned up and we had a healthy debate. I made a presentation on the Treaty, how things had changed between Lisbon 1 and 2 and key issues raised in the campaign.


The majority of people spoke in favour of the Lisbon Treaty. The clear consensus amongst those speakers is that we need 150% support from the EU at the moment. This can best be achieved, they argued, from a Yes vote.


Those on the No side argued that the Irish constitution was been destroyed by the Lisbon Treaty and that immigration had destroyed our economy. The phrase ‘dumping ground’ was used to describe Ireland. I did my best to rebut these contentions but it is indicative of a broader trend, of where men under the age of 30 are less likely to support the Treaty.


It was a good debate and I hope that those attending found it helpful and maybe even enjoyable.