Minister Donohoe in Luxembourg for EU talks ahead of the European Council

24th June, 2014

The Minister for European Affairs, Paschal Donohoe T.D., will attend the General Affairs Council in Luxembourg today (Tuesday, 24 June) in advance of accompanying the Taoiseach at the European Council later this week (Thursday and Friday).

Speaking ahead of the Council, Minister Donohoe said : ‘The core of the agenda for the European Council will be the EU’s leadership and policy priorities for the next five years. I believe that while it is vital that the best leadership is put in place, even more important will be the prioritisation of the issues that directly impact the lives of EU citizens by that leadership during its term in office. That’s why our agenda at the General Affairs Council covers such key issues as the economy and specific measures for growth and jobs as well as climate policy, energy and migration’.

During its meeting the General Affairs Council is also expected to consider Albania’s application for EU candidate status, the application of Article 10 of Protocol 36 to the Treaties (UK application of measures in the Justice and Home Affairs area), the 18-month Programme of the Council of the EU (Trio Programme July 2014 – Dec 2015) and Cohesion Policy.