Minister Donohoe welcomes publication of Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area 2016 – 2035

6th April, 2016

The Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Paschal Donohoe T.D., today (Wednesday) welcomed the National Transport Authority’s publication of the Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area 2016 – 2035.


The Minister stated: ‘I am delighted that following my approval of the Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area 2016 – 2035, the National Transport Authority can now publish this very important addition to our public transport policy framework. This Transport Strategy outlines the National Transport Authority’s vision for the development of the transport network in the Greater Dublin Area for the next twenty years. The Strategy will ensure the integration of transport objectives within all levels of the planning and development system within the Greater Dublin Area.’


Following the publication of the Transport Strategy, the NTA will now prepare a statutory integrated implementation plan to outline the delivery of the Strategy’s objectives over the coming 6 year period.


Minister Donohoe commented: ‘The Strategy reflects and complements the public transport funding priorities and projects set out in the current Capital Plan 2016 – 2021 such as –

  • Completion of Luas Cross-City;
  • The opening of Phoenix Park Tunnel for commuter services this year;
  • Commencement of DART Expansion Programme;
  • Completion of City Centre Re-signalling project;
  • Commencement of New Metro North project.

In addition of course money has also been made available in respect of on-going maintenance and general service enhancements and improvements. The Strategy’s overall objectives will increase the numbers using public transport and assist with the delivery of a more sustainable transport system for the GDA.’


The development of the Strategy has been informed by a full public consultation, as well as detailed analysis of population and travel trends and has been subject to a full cost benefit analysis in line with the Public Spending Code.

The Strategy is forecast to have a significant, permanent and positive impact on the transport network in the GDA and will facilitate the economic growth of the region.



Note for editors

The preparation of a transport strategy for the Greater Dublin Area (GDA) is a statutory function of the National Transport Authority (NTA) under the Dublin Transport Authority Act 2008.  The Minister approved the Strategy on 24 February pursuant to section 12(13) of the Dublin Transport Authority Act 2008 and the document has now been laid before each House of the Oireachtas and is ready for publication.

The statutory objective of the Strategy is to provide a long-term strategic planning framework for the integrated development of transport infrastructure and services in the GDA. The Act states that the NTA shall review the transport strategy every six years following publication. A full copy of the Strategy is available on –


The Act also requires the NTA to now prepare an integrated implementation plan which must be submitted for Ministerial approval within 9 months. That plan shall set out how the NTA proposes to implement the Strategy over the next 6 years and will be subject to a full public consultation process.

The Strategy’s outcomes include –

  • Travel times on the strategic road network will reduce;
  • The mode share for car for trips to work will fall from 56% (without Strategy) to 45% (with Strategy);
  • The Strategy’s impact on sustainable travel modes in total is to increase from 44% for commutes (without Strategy) to 55% (with Strategy);
  • The modal share for all Public Transport Journeys will be 23% as opposed to 18% without the Strategy;
  • The number of people living within 1-hour’s journey time to the city centre by public transport will significantly increase;
  • A more efficient use of land within the GDA will be facilitated; and
  • The capital cost of the Strategy is forecast to be €10.3 billion (in 2015 prices), with a benefit to cost ratio of 1.5:1

In accordance with its statutory obligations under national and European legislation, the NTA conducted both a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and an Appropriate Assessment (AA) of the Strategy.