Mobile Phone Mast at Glasnevin Industrial Estate

19th December, 2009

Councillor Mary O’Shea has made the following submission on the location of this mast. We are totally opposed to it and will help the local community in any way we can.

“An Bord Pleanála granted planning permission on 23 June 2003 for a 45 metre high telecommunications tower to replace an existing 20 metre high slim-line lattice work telecommunications mast and cabin at Unit 1 Slaney Road, Dublin Industrial Estate, Dublin 11.

Condition 1 of the Board’s permission stated:

“The permission is for a period of five years from the date of this order. The telecommunications structure and related ancillary structures shall then be removed unless, prior to the end of the period, planning permission shall have been granted for their retention for a further period.”

This permission expired on 22 June 2008. Councillor Mary O’Shea first made a complaint on behalf of residents of Claremont Court in relation to this Mast in Februrary 2009 In April 2009, a Warning Letter pursuant to Section 152 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 finally issued to the mast’s owner, O2 Communications Ltd. No response whatsoever was received from 02 in relation to this warning letter. An inspection of the property on 12 June 2009 revealed that the mast remained in place and an application for its retention had not been received. An Enforcement Notice was served on O2 Communications Ltd requiring them to remove the mast on or before 24 August, 2009 .An inspection of the site on 31st August last revealed that the Mast was still in situ.Dublin City Council then proceeded to issue Enforcement Proceedings in the District Court.This application for retention was lodged on 17th November last by which time the legal proceedings had been issued.These proceeedings are now listed for hearing on December 17th next.This history is provided to show the cynical nature of this application for retention and to illustrate the total disregard displayed by the applicant for the planning process

To compound matters the City Council allowed the Applicant to erect additional antennae on the Mast,so that the structure is now larger than the one in respect of which permission was granted in 2003.

Residents of Claremont and The Willows and surrounding areas feel totally abandoned by the planning process,in view of the history above it is hard to blame them.It is appreciated that the bad behaviour of the Applicant does not provide sufficient grounds for refusing this application for retention.However there are plenty valid grounds for refusing this application.The Mast is in close proximity to a residential area and is visually intrusive and thus detracts from the established character of homes in the area .The current location of the Mast runs contrary to planning principles and the sustainable character of the area.

Dublin City Development Plan 2005-2011 at Appendix 12 which outlines the Guidelines on Telecommunications Antannae, provides that only as a last resort and after all other alternative options are found to be unavailabe or unsuitable ,will the location of free standing masts be considered in in residential areas. If such a location should become necessary then masts and antannae should be designed and adapted for the specific location.The support structure should be kept to the minimum height consistent with effective operation,and should be monopole(or poles)rather than a latticedtripodor square structure.It is appreciated that the application is to retrain the existing tower structure which is 45 meters high.The Meteor antannae which form part of this application appear to have been added after initial grant of permission.The current structure is large and unsightly and is entirely unsuited to its current site.

There are alternative locations availabe for this structure within the Industrial Estate,which would not aversely effect local residents.The current location is not the only location availabe to the Applicant and therefore cannot be described as a last resort.

For the reasons outlined this application should be rejected.”