Mobile Phone Mast in Glasnevin Industrial Estate

13th August, 2009

I first spent time in Claremont estate when I canvassed for the Council in the 2004 local elections. A huge issue among local residents was the recently erected 02 mobile phone mast in Glasnevin Industrial Estate. You’d have to see this mast to believe it. It’s nearly in the back garden of a dozen houses. All many residents can see when they look out their back window is this mast. At that time there was nothing that could be done as An Bord Pleanala has just ruled. However their ruling had a 5 year expiry period.


It’s now about to expire. My colleague, Mary O’Shea has been doing excellent work on this. I am working with her to help this local community in any way that we can. It’s inconceivable to me that this mast was granted permission so close to residential homes. Hopefully we’ll be able to make a difference to this. Mary has provided the below update to local residents:


“An Bord Pleanala granted Planning Permission for the Mast for a period of 5 years in 2003. The 5 years has now expired, so the Mast is an unauthorised structure.


In May of this year following representations from me the City Council issued 02 with a Warning Letter requesting the removal of the Mast by 2ND June last. The Mast was not removed so the Council took the next step and issued an Enforcement Notice on 02 on 25th June last giving 02 until 24th August next to remove the Mast.


If the Mast is not removed by August 24th then the City Council will issue proceedings against 02, these are in fact criminal proceedings which will be prosecuted in the District Court.


As of today 12th August the City Council has had no response (and no request to extend the time limit) from 02 to the Enforcement Notice.


Even if 02 at this stage apply for a retention order to allow it to leave the mast in place, this will have no effect on the current process, the Mast remains an unauthorised structure unless and until there is a fresh permission granted.


I understand that during the last 5 years the City Council granted 02 permission to erect additional antennae on the Mast, this permission did not extend the 5 year period, there can be no antennae without a Mast to put them on, so this permission also expired when the 5 year period for the Mast expired.


I understand that it will take the District Court proceedings a few months to be heard.”