Navan Road Traffic

2nd March, 2011

A huge number of residents have spoken to me about the ongoing traffic situation along the Navan Road that has been caused by the Improvement works on Blackhorse Avenue. I believe that the current situation to be unacceptable. The level of impact is too high given the relatively short length of avenue that is under construction. Councillor Mary O’Shea and I have made this clear to the City Council.

Following many phone calls and emails from local residents, Councillor Mary O’Shea and I contacted the Traffic Department of Dublin City Council to seek a detailed update on the current situation and establish what plans are being drawn up to improve commuting times. I have now received the following update:

• The Temporary Traffic Management Plan in place at Blackhorse Avenue, and immediate environs, was installed on Monday morning 21st February. The magnitude of works on the Avenue dictated the need to move traffic onto adjacent roads.

• Following implementation, this Office, the Traffic Authority, the Office of Public Works, and An Garda Siochana met on site to discuss the impacts last week.  Following this meeting changes were made to the plan for the area.

• Another review meeting will take place today, following the end of the mid-term break.  The matter will again be assessed and reviewed, with a view to identifying any improvements which can be practically accommodated.

Councillor O’Shea and I have again contacted the City Council to make clear the need to improve upon the current situation.