Nearly there

22nd February, 2011

I notice that the papers have started obsessing about non-issues again.

Having spent a couple of weeks discussing the economy, emigration and jobs, the most important issue yesterday seemed to be a non-existent attempt to gag Newstalk. You could almost hear people tuning out of the campaign.

Tonight’s debate might inject a bit more life into the final few days of the election. I expect a lot of attacks on Enda from Micheal Martin, but perhaps a bit less from Eamon Gilmore. He has a lot of lost ground to make up, especially in terms of transfers from Fine Gael voters who are disgusted with Labour’s carry on in recent weeks.

Voters are tired of the Government. I am tired too- in lots of ways. But I know it’s all worth it, for Dublin Central and for Ireland. Back on the canvass I go.