Clonliffe & Ballybough Update

6th October, 2012


One of the most frequent issued raised with us was the preparedness of the City Council to deal with the risk of future flooding. As you know some of the engineering proposals put forward after the 2008 severe flooding have been put in place. For example, plans to increase the sewage capacity in the area have been completed as new piping was installed last summer. Additional storage capacity for the drainage network in the north eastern part of the city is being provided as part of the Spencer Dock pumping station works. I understand that this facility will become operational by the middle of next year and it will be of huge assistance to the drainage network.


The City Council has also established in recent weeks a new city-wide Flood Forum that will advance a framework to service the needs of the Flood Resilience Programme. Part of this programme will include the establishment of a local flood group that will focus on the Clonliffe Road, Ballybough, North Strand and East Wall districts. It is hoped that this local group will empower the local communities to develop local plans to protect your home from flooding and severe weather events. Local residents will have the opportunity to work alongside officials from the Council’s Drainage and Planning Departments as well as representatives from the OPW and the Department of the Environment. More information will be available on this plan across the coming weeks and both myself and Councillor Ray McAdam will keep you updated of progress in respect of this matter.



Many residents questioned both Ray and I about the proposal to develop Annesley Motors site on Ballybough Road. You may be aware that a planning application was considered by the City Council in the summer for the construction of a new two and three storey retail facility with an off-licence and for other medical uses. The Planning Department did not grant planning permission because the current zoning classification for the site does not allow for off-licences to be included in the development. These changes were made as part of the new City Development Plan process that took place in 2010. The options open to the developer are limited. To proceed with such an application will mean a change in zoning which can only be initiated by a City Councillor and would require the support of a majority of Councillors on Dublin City Council. It is also worth remembering that permission for a five storey development already exists on the site and could yet be built. Nonetheless, both Councillor Ray McAdam and I will continue to keep you and other residents fully updated of progress in respect of this site.