New Luas depot at Broombridge to celebrate Cabra Eureka! moment in 1843 – Donohoe

16th October, 2014

Hamilton to be honoured in naming of new Luas depot


The Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport and Deputy for Dublin Central, Paschal Donohoe TD, today (Thursday) announced that the new Luas depot at Broombridge will honour the birth of modern algebra and the Eureka! moment had by William Rowan Hamilton in Cabra in 1843.


The new depot is to be named Broombridge-Hamilton in recognition of William Rowan Hamilton’s discovery of the equation for quaternion algebra which had a significant and lasting impact on science from that day on.


“Today we celebrate Hamilton Day; the day that William Rowan Hamilton had his Eureka! moment at Broombridge in Cabra in 1843. It was on this day that Hamilton etched the equation for quaternion algebra onto the stone parapet of the bridge at Broombridge. Globally acknowledged as one of the most significant moments in world science, it is the date that modern algebra was born on the banks of the Royal Canal, Dublin.


“The impact Hamilton’s discovery has had since that day is beyond question. Thanks to Ireland’s most influential scientist’s discovery, we now have CGI in movies and computer games and NASA is facilitated in getting satellites into space. Most of us are familiar with algebra, at least through school, however, many may not be aware that its origins lie so close to home.


“It is fitting that the new Luas depot at Broombridge, which is to be in place in 2017, should commemorate this historical event and the links to the area. In doing so, a commemorative piece of art will also be commissioned to illustrate Hamilton’s story and help bring his extraordinary achievements to life.”