Update on new Docklands Planning Scheme

6th January, 2013


Since my last update, the Cabinet agreed to designate the Docklands area as a Strategic Development Zone and to appoint Dublin City Council as the Development Agency responsible for the delivery of a planning scheme for Docklands. The ambition for Dublin City Council in driving forward with a new planning scheme is the continued economic, social and physical regeneration of the Docklands.



The initial focus will be on the delivery of a Planning Scheme that will replace the existing Dublin Docklands Development Authority Master Plan which will expire in November. The City Architect and other officials within the Planning Department of the City Council have held a number of workshops with the community representatives on the Docklands Council in respect of future housing needs, community facilities, green spaces, commercial and residential development and other essential infrastructure. Other consultation events took place prior to Christmas where Docklands residents were interviewed on the street and asked about what they want to see in Docklands across the next ten to fifteen years. Following these consultations, a draft of the planning scheme will be presented to the Docklands Advisory Group chaired by the Lord Mayor and of which Councillor Ray McAdam is a member, for its consideration. It is then envisaged that Dublin City Councillors will debate the draft planning scheme in March prior to the public consultation phase taking place.



When this draft planning scheme is approved by City Councillors, there will be an opportunity for local residents to consider its content and if you agree with the broad thrust of the document. Councillor Ray McAdam and I are conscious that many mistakes were made by the Dublin Docklands Development Authority in respect of planning decisions. This is, therefore, the opportunity to correct those mistakes and we want to ensure that everyone living in Docklands has an opportunity to engage with this process and that your views are heard. Once this scheme is adopted, planning decisions cannot be appealed to An Bord Pleanala so that makes it essential that we get this right and that you have your say in what is ultimately adopted.