1st October, 2008

I recently attended a meeting with local residents on proposed parking plans to cope with the future development of Glasnevin Cemetery. The Dublin Cemeteries Committee proposed the building of a 280 space car park on the green space of Clareville Lawns. I supported local residents in calling on the Cemeteries Committee, with the support of Dublin City Council, to evaluate new options.

The future plans for Glasnevin Cemetery are wonderful and will ensure that this national monument gets the care, planning and respect that it deserves. This will cause a huge increase in the number of people visiting the Cemetery and we  must ensure that we do not repeat the mistakes that were made in the planning of Croke Park.

I therefore supported residents in their call to develop a plan that will cope with the anticipated number of additional passengers. The estates of the Willows, Violet Hill, Claremont, Clareville and Tower Cottages cannot become car parks. More options will now be examined. They will include:-

  • Use of Glasnevin Industrial Estate.
  • Development of underground parking facilities.
  • Use of other land owned by Dublin Cemeteries.

I will keep local residents informed of news on this issue and will support them in any way I can.