6th July, 2012


Throughout the past three years, Councillor Ray McAdam and I have been working with the Housing Department of Dublin City Council in an effort to advance the redevelopment of Liberty House. A formal application for funding was submitted by the Council to the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government earlier this summer seeking financial support for the redevelopment of Blocks D, E and F of Liberty House. Since that application was lodged, I have been liaising directly with Minister O’Sullivan to ensure this badly needed project is supported by our Fine Gael-led Government. I am delighted that Government has provided funding for this project and that I could play a part in helping deliver this essential funding. Councillor Ray McAdam has now sought an update from the City Council as to when construction work is expected to begin. I want to assure you that both Ray and I will continue to keep you updated of progress with the redevelopment of Liberty House.


The HSE site on Mountainview Court has been identified by the Department of Health as a location for a new Primary Care Centre to serve the local community. The Government announced plans that will see 35 Primary Care Centres built across the country. Before any application for planning permission is lodged, discussions will take place between the HSE and local GPs as to what facilities will be provided in the centre. Should these discussions prove successful, it is hoped that a planning application will be submitted to Dublin City Council before the end of 2012 with construction works beginning by 2014. Let me assure you that I will keep the local community fully informed of developments in respect of the provision of a new Primary Care Centre for Summerhill.



The problem of littering on streets across the North East Inner City continues to be raised with me by local residents. Both Councillor Ray McAdam and I are in regular contact with the Public Domain Unit of Dublin City Council in an effort to have illegally dumped rubbish removed. Every bag removed by the City Council is searched for evidence of those responsible for trying to get rid of their rubbish in this way. I understand that the Litter Warden has also called to a number of households and issued warnings to those continuously leaving out rubbish without bin tags for on days. Officials have also informed me that sixty-seven searches of residential properties have been completed in respect of tenants or residents causing litter problems locally. Enforcement action is expected to take shortly in respect of the majority of these cases. If there are problems with illegal dumping on your street or avenue, please get in touch with either myself or Councillor Ray McAdam and we’ll follow up on your behalf with the City Council.



Dublin City Council has put in place a pilot scheme for choice based lettings in the allocation of housing across the North East Inner City. The introduction of this scheme will empower people to make decisions over where they live. The introduction of this scheme is hoped will lessen problems being experienced by local residents with anti-social behaviour. This pilot scheme will provide City Council applicants who maybe on lower points and would not be reached under the present allocations system with a greater amount of choice. A new procedure has now been put in place for this system of choice based allocations. If you need more information on this hew housing allocations scheme, please get in touch with me.



Following requests from Councillor Ray McAdam and I earlier this year, Dublin City Council has established Precinct Improvement Schemes to refurbish and renovate housing complexes across the North East Inner City. Substantial progress has already been made by the contractors on site in Alfie Byrne House and Avondale House and it is hoped that outstanding works will be completed within a much shorter timescale that originally anticipated. Should you have any outstanding concerns or queries about any aspects of the works that are being undertaken, please let me know so that I can pursue the issue with the City Council and the contractor on site.