North Strand – Local Update

17th November, 2010

Please find an update on local matters in the North Strand area below.

North Strand - Local Up Date

Many local parents have spoken to myself and Councillor McAdam about the upgrade works in Fairview Park and in particular the installation of the new playground. Ray and his Fine Gael colleagues on the City Council raised the issue at the November Council meeting and were informed that consultants have been appointed to enable the basic design of the project to move forward. Details of the project include a playground, an interactive play area, a skateboard unit, a performance area, seasonal bedding area, path system and a tree walk. The City Council expects the tender for the project will run during November 2010, with the contractor being appointed by January 2011 at the very latest. Installation of the various elements of the project is expected to take place by June 2011.

There has been a great deal of concern about the continued viability of the Sean McDermott Street swimming pool. Councillor Ray McAdam and I are committed to doing all we can to ensure that our local pool remains open. It is a valuable amenity to the community and one we continue to support wholeheartedly. Councillor McAdam and I have strenuously argued for the pool to remain pool with the City Council and sought refurbishment funding from the Government in the Oireachtas. We welcome the Department of Sport’s decision to provide €600,000 for the refurbishment works of hree Council pools. Such funding has been long overdue. We expect that a substantial amount of this money will be directed to our local pool as much improvement works are necessary. Ray and his Fine Gael colleagues are also committed to ensuring that money is secured in next year’s Council Budget for the operation of the Sean McDermott Street pool throughout 2011. The final decision on that money will not be made until later this month. We will keep you updated of further developments in relation to this issue.

Councillor Ray McAdam and I recently called to homes in the area and a number of residents spoke to us about their concerns about the ESB works that recently took place. Most people were not aware of why the works were needed and they expressed concern about the impact of the digging on their homes. After speaking to officials, we established that ESB Transmissions were issued with T2 Certs to dig up Leinster Avenue, Hope Avenue and Stoney Road for the purpose of laying ducting between October 7th and November 6th. Should further works be required, another cert will have to be issued. Councillor McAdam and I will continue to follow up on this issue and keep residents updated of developments.

Dublin City Council has recently engaged with the FAS Training Authority to develop a scheme, which will allow redundant apprentices the opportunity to complete a phase of their training with DCC. This pilot scheme allows for 13 apprentices to complete Phase 5 of their training. Therefore, if you wish to be involved in the scheme, you would need to have successfully completed Phases 1 – 4 of your apprenticeship as the DCC pilot scheme is only available at Phase 5 level. FAS are coordinating the identification of suitable candidates so I would advise anyone interested to contact your local FAS training centre to establish whether you are at the appropriate level. Please contact me if you have any questions or queries about this new apprenticeship scheme.

Residents have regularly asked Councillor McAdam and I about the possibility of a local electrical goods collection. We have been following up with the City Council on the matter. Charlie Lowe, Area Manager has informed us that the Council has been liaising with Clondalkin Community Recycling Initiative to provide a kerb side door to door collection in the North Strand area. It is hoped that such a collection will take place in the coming weeks. When further information is available, either Ray or I will inform you of the details of the collection.