NTL Work in Phibsborough

23rd February, 2009

A number of residents have contacted me about the cable work by Chorus NTL in our area and their plan to do this work on the front of local homes.

Councillor Mary O’Shea and I have contacted Dublin City Council about this issue and it appears at this stage that this is a matter between the private home owner and Chorus NTL.

A letter was sent to residents in December and January but it did not make clear the scale of the work or seek specific consent. If you have concerns about this work I urge you to contact them without delay.

Details are as follows:-

Phone: 01 245 8696 or freephone 1908

E-Mail: rebuildcomplaints@upc.ie

I have contacted Chorus about this work and the manner in which residents were communicated with. Please let me know if you want further information on this issue.