On the road to nowhere

15th July, 2009

Much play has been made of the Green’s decision to vote against a procedure in the Seanad last night and then abstain on the Criminal Justice Bill in the final vote. I was there last night and saw all of this unfold. The warning signs were there from the middle of the evening that a play was afoot. Journalists were appearing who normally wouldn’t be there. Senators were looking stressed. People who normally do speak, didn’t. Then the glory of it all became clear.

Glory? Or rather the lack of it. The most they could muster was to decide not to vote on something. Their conscience could not prompt them to do anything further. To be clear, they turned up, sat down in their blue leather seats and did…….NOTHING.

So then, the ultimate objective is achieved. They get on Morning Ireland, to address the nation on the wrestling with their own conscience and FF. Some speculated they were on the road to Damascus, others thought they were on the way to a special conference. Me, I thought they were on the road to nowhere. If this is the best they can muster then their end will be nearer and more decisive than even they imagine.

I made this point in the Order of Business this morning. Accused of irrelevance, but actually it’s the Greens who are irrelevant