Online shoppers and holiday makers should inform themselves of their rights under EU law – Donohoe

18th June, 2014

Information leaflet sets out entitlements and protections for EU consumers of products and services at home and abroad


Minister for European Affairs, Paschal Donohoe TD, has today (Wednesday) called for holiday makers and those who shop online to familiarise themselves with the entitlements and protections afforded to them as consumers and members of the European Union.


Minister Donohoe was speaking at the launch of a series of information leaflets by the European Consumer Centre and the EU information service, Europe Direct, who have come together to outline the legal safeguards in place for consumers in an easily understood and digestible way (see links to leaflets below).


“Last week saw the coming into force of the EU Consumer Rights Directive which banned pre-ticked boxes, hidden charges and surcharges on card fees for online shoppers. The Directive also set out the cooling-off period that must be given to shoppers who change their mind, as well as the timeframe within which traders must issue refunds for contracts cancelled.


“In addition to the Consumer Rights Directive, however, there is a raft of legislation in place to protect those who purchase goods and services within the EU, either from at home or while abroad, with which people may not be unfamiliar. These range from the cost of making or receiving calls while overseas (from July 1st, it will cost no more than 19c per minute to make a roaming call and no more than 5c to receive a call), what happens if your flight is cancelled or your luggage is lost by an airline and the redress you can legally seek if you are sold faulty or sub-standard goods.


“Having access to the Single Market of 507 million people presents vast opportunities for Irish businesses and consumers. Advances in technology and the further development of Digital Single Market means that the remaining obstacles to online trading are being removed. This brings with it a corresponding increased potential for shopping online.


“It is essential that people familiarise themselves with their rights under EU law and that they are aware of the traps and potential pitfalls that can be so easily avoided so that they are guaranteed to get the goods and services they have paid for. Similarly, as we approach the summer season, people should take time to find out what’s what so that they, and their families, can have a safe, enjoyable and hassle free holiday when travelling within the EU.”

For more information on consumer rights and entitlements within the EU go to

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