Order of Business Today – 30.11.10

30th November, 2010


Very bad tempered Order of Business today. Rows between the Cathoirleach Pat Moylan and Ivor Callely, followed by a blazing row with the Cathaoirleach and David Norris. The pressure of the situation is beginning to impact on everyone. The theme of the day was the IMF/ECB deal. I’m studying the deal at the moment so confined myself to the observation that an economy paying a rate of interest that is greater than it’s expected rate of growth rarely prospers. Does anyone think we can grow at 5.8% next year?

Also attended an EU Affairs Committee meeting with our representative from the European Court of Auditors. Fascinating to hear how the use of EU funding is reviewed and audited. Labour Party have a Private Members motion tonight which we have to stay to vote on. Slowly getting snowed in here. Also had a very interesting meeting this morning on how the arts can contribute to an economic recovery plan.