Paschal condemns brutal East Wall murder

8th December, 2008

Paschal has expressed his shock and horror at the brutal murder in his constituency of an innocent man in East Wall last night.

“I would like to extend my sincerest condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. Sadly, this is another example of gun crime out of control and entire communities living under siege.

Every person has the right to protect their home and to think that an ordinary hard-working man can be gunned down in this way is shocking to say the least. As our society is moving in a dangerous direction with mindless violence getting worse week by week, with young people finding it easier to get guns and prepared to use them without thinking of the consequences, we need tough action from Government.

Fine Gael has called on the Minister for Justice to bring in tough new penalties for firearms offences. We have argued for an increase in the maximum penalty for unlawful possession of a firearm from seven years to ten years. Proposals like these are required if we are to ensure other families and communities are not attacked in the same way.”