1st October, 2008

I have been appointed to prepare a Oireachtas Report by the European Affairs Committee on the development of Sovereign Wealth Funds and European Union Policy. Sovereign Wealth funds are assets controlled by governments that are invested in other countries. They are currently worth €3.3 trillion. These funds are valuable sources of capital but their use raises important political and economic issues that must be addressed. As Ireland faces tough economic circumstances it is vital that we have the right policy to ensure we can attract additional capital into our economy. This is why I am preparing a report on this economic and political issue.

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If you want to make a submission on this report please do so by writing to:

Clerk to the Joint Committee on European Affairs

Kildare House

Kildare Street

Dublin 2

Submissions can also be made by e-mail to Please send your submission in by Friday 24th October.