12th April, 2017


An application to redevelop the Phibsborough Shopping Centre site is currently before the Planning Department of Dublin City Council. The application was lodged on April 4th last. The main aspects of the application before the Council includes:

  • Part demolition of existing structures on the site.
  • Construction of an extension to the existing Shopping Centre onto Phibsborough Road and the North Circular Road.
  • Proposed height range of the redevelopment between 3 and 7 storeys.
  • Provision of retail/restaurant and office units, student accommodation & new civic plaza.
  • Upgrade of existing Shopping Centre and commercial office tower façade.
  • Total new floor space of 15,775m², including basement.
  • Demolition of;
    • Tramyard end / East Terrace of Dalymount Park.
    • Warehouses in Kelly’s Yard of North Circular Road.
    • Part of Unit 1 of Shopping Centre site.
  • Construction of extension containing 341x bed space student accommodation;
    • Height ranging between 4 and 6 storeys.
    • Provided in two separate development blocks.
    • Provision of 172x Bicycle parking spaces.
  • Construction of new 3 – 4 storey ‘setback’ block extending from new Civic Space to the North Circular Road.
  • Alterations to existing Shopping Centre includes:
    • New façade of expanded metal mash to cover frontage on Phibsborough Road and Connaught Street.
    • New façade to extend over roof of existing Tower Building.
    • Upgraded shop fronts / signage to all existing units.
  • Should you wish to see the full application it is available online at The summary above is only a brief outline of some of the particulars of the application and not an exhaustive list. The latest date that submissions or observations on the planning application can be lodged is May 8th at 4.30pm. Councillor Ray McAdam is also arranging for a briefing for local residents with officials in the Planning Department of the City Council to outline the particulars of this planning application. If you would be interested in attending such a briefing, please let me know.



In early March, the first meeting of the Phibsborough Local Environmental Improvement Plan Implementation Group took place. The Group is made up of senior officials from within various Departments of Dublin City Council. Two Councillors serve on the Implementation Group, including Councillor Ray McAdam. I understand that the initial meeting focused on how the forty-one objectives of the Environmental Improvement Plan should be implemented. A number of initial decisions were taken including: 


  • The Planning Department will this year complete an audit of shopfronts. Officials will liaise and engage accordingly with the Enforcement Section of the Planning Department.
  • The Parks Department will undertake preliminary work this year to further develop Blessington Street park and Basin in line with the LEIP. It is hoped that design works can be completed this year with a Part VIII planning application being submitted to Councillors next year.
  • The Arts Officer intends to organise a Phibsborough Cultural Stakeholder group in order to further flesh out the Arts, Culture & Tourism objectives of the Plan. Part of that work will also focus on identifying the cultural assets that exist within Phibsborough.
  • The Transportation Department will finalise the implementation of the new bye laws on speed limits by May 31st next.
  • The next scheduled meeting of the Implementation Group is in June. If you would like further information arising from these meetings, please email me at 



One of the key objectives of the failed Phibsborough Local Area Plan and the new Environmental Improvement Plan is the extension of Mount Bernard Park. The local community and Dublin City Council envisaged an extension of the park northwards to the Canal, as part of an overall landscaping and biodiversity for the Park. However, it appears that Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) intends to retain those lands for the foreseeable future. Since this came to light, both myself and Councillor McAdam have engaged with the Council and TII on the matter. It was agreed at the Implementation Group meeting, at Councillor McAdam’s request, that senior management in Dublin City Council meet the Directors of TII to discuss the matter and to reiterate the Council’s objective of extending Mount Bernard Park northwards. Separately, I have written to Michael Nolan, Chief Executive of TII, highlighting that this is a long-standing objective for the Phibsborough community and all efforts should be taken to honour it.



Following lengthy negotiations with Shelbourne F.C., Dublin City Council purchased Tolka Park which has enabled the Council to advance its plans to redevelop Dalymount Park. The Project Team are completing the process of drawing up tender documents which it is hoped will enable them to procure an integrated design team to work on the drafting of a detailed design for the project. A Steering Group has been established involving representatives of Bohemians F.C. and Shelbourne F.C., the Football Association of Ireland and local Area Office of Dublin City Council. The work of the Steering Group, at this stage, is to advise on design issues and requirements from a football point of view. I expect that as the project is advanced further, opportunities for community involvement will arise.



The future possible development of the Phibsborough Shopping Centre site, the refurbishment of Dalymount Park, among others, coupled with the onset of LUAS becoming operational, the existing local road network is likely to face further pressure in the coming years. Therefore, we need to plan for that now. That is why Councillor McAdam and I wrote to the National Transport Authority (NTA) requesting that a Traffic Study of Phibsborough be undertaken. The findings of such a study could form the basis of revised traffic management proposals and enhanced infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists that could be developed by Dublin City Council in partnership with the local community. The NTA responded stating that it is already examining the existing traffic management plans in Phibsborough as part of the Ballymun to City Centre bus corridor. The objective of this work is to enhance the bus service provision but also the development of cycling facilities and safer crossing facilities for pedestrians. I expect a full report will be published after Easter detailing potential options, after which a public consultation will take place. The NTA has also agreed that following the completion of this work and if further measures are necessary, a Traffic Study for Phibsborough could be the logical next step to take.