Phibsborough District Update

21st April, 2014


Some concern has been raised with me regarding the frequent vandalism of vehicles across the Phibsborough district. Indeed, since the beginning of this year, more than thirty incidents of car vandalism have been recorded by the Gardai. Both myself and Councillor Ray McAdam have been liaising with local Gardai seeking to have an operation put in place that will deal with this problem in the most effective way possible. Gardai in Mountjoy have stepped up patrols across the district which has resulted in the arrest and subsequent charging of a well-known burglar who responsible for multiple crimes across Phibsborough. The recent increase in visible patrolling in addition to the recent introduction of small area policing in Phibsborough will help to bring about a significant reduction in the amount of car vandalism that has been occurring recently.



Councillors Mary O’Shea and Ray McAdam were successful in obtaining support from other Councillors to retain the Phibsborough Local Area Plan for a further five year period. A period of public consultation will begin shortly whereby community groups and local residents will have the opportunity to present amendments to the existing plan before it is adopted by Councillors later this year. The Planning Department of the City Council is currently examining the existing Plan and will present changes in the coming weeks. As soon as the period of public consultation has been agreed upon, Councillors O’Shea, McAdam and I will work to keep you updated so that as many people as possible can avail of the consultation process.