Priorities for East Wall, North Wall and North Strand.

6th March, 2009

Have been steadily canvassing all of these areas in the last few months. On Wednesday night I attended the Inner City Policing Forum that discussed many of the issues relevant to these communities. Jut want to drop a quick note to confirm the priorities that I am working on for the residents of these areas.

Firstly, the installation of CCTV in North Wall. I know that Dublin City Council are working on this at the moment. I am following up on this with the Department of Justice.

Secondly, ensuring that community policing increases by +100% by the end of the year. This is the commitment given by the Chief Superintendent for the area.

Thirdly, monitoring the development of the resident only match day parking cordon.

Finally, working on all local development matters such as Dublin Docklands Development sites in the area.

If there is anything else that I need to be following up on please let me know.