Property tax valuation model must recognise plight of flooded homes – Donohoe

20th February, 2013

Fine Gael Dublin Central Deputy, Paschal Donohoe, has called for full recognition to be given to those who reside in houses that have been flooded in the past, when assessments are being made in respect of the property tax.

Deputy Donohoe said that assurance must be given to homeowners who are at risk of flooding that they will not be taxed for a value that their home does not have and that this will be recognised by the Revenue Commissioner.

“A flooded home is a calamity. Not only does it present a headache for the residents in terms of the clean-up operation but it also dramatically reduces the market value of the house as well as posing difficulties in respect of insuring the property in the future.

“In determining the band allocation for properties in the administration of the property tax, special consideration must be given to homes that are either at risk of flooding or have been flooded in the past. If a house has been exposed to flooding, and faces the risk of flooding in the future, quite simply, it is worth less than a home that never been flooded and is unlikely to be.

“The property tax valuation model must make this distinction. If a property cannot get insurance as a result of flooding, then its market value is massively reduced. This must be clearly recognised by the new tax.

“I have raised this issue with the Department of Finance and in the Dáil, and I will continue to raise it until proper recognition is given to this category of homeowner. I am calling on the Government to give specific guidance to residents who are faced with this predicament and to reassure them that they will not be subject to a property tax rate that does not reflect the reality of their situation, and that this will be recognised by the Revenue Commissioner when dealing with their payment.”