Public Meeting by Paschal and Richard Bruton on What Fine Gael would do differently

2nd December, 2008

Clarion Hotel, IFSC at 6pm Wednesday 3rd of December

Budget 2009 mugged ordinary Irish families. And it mugged the elderly. That’s not forgivable, but it might have been explicable if it had set us on the road to recovery. It didn’t. Rather it has created the risk of turning a recession into a depression.

When an economy struggles people want simple things from their Government: direction, re-assurance and most of all, hope. Every pronouncement from this government before and after the Budget has eroded hope.

Hope comes first from believing that your government knows what it is doing.

Fine Gael set out its alternative budget in July, and again immediately before the Budget in October. We showed the road to the future, a road that starts with protecting front line services, keeping taxation down, controlling public spending and rooting out waste. We will be taking this different approach ‘on the road’ in a series of local meetings. Paschal and Richard Bruton will be hosting the Dublin Central meeting on Wednesday 3rd of December in The Clarion Hotel, IFSC at 6pm.

More information about what Fine Gael would do differently is available at: