Public Meeting on Phibsborough Area Plan

3rd February, 2010

Councillors Mary O’Shea, Ray McAdam and myself organised a public meeting on the City Development Plan and the impact on Phibsborough last night. The meeting was well attended with residents and local groups all making contributions. Much of these contributions were strongly coloured by the recent experiences that Phibsborough has had with planning law. The Local Area Plan was passed by Councillors but is largely not implemented. We are still subject to planning applications that plainly do not suit the local area. There are a lot of empty and (in many cases) derelict properties nearby.


Key points made included:-

Firstly, a real questioning of the need for more height and density in the area. This hasn’t been a positive local experience so why is more needed?

Secondly, how does this reconcile with the Area Plan for Phibsborough? How can we makes sure that the integrity of this plan is not diluted.

Thirdly, can anything be creatively done with the amount of waste and vacant property in the area. Many people supported the idea of more urban allotments.

Finally, what can be done to make the Development Plan simpler and more transparent.

Mary, Ray and myself all learnt a lot from the meeting and will be taking these points into account as our contributions are created to the Development Plan process.The adoption process for the plan stretches to December but the first (and most important) round of public consultation closes at the end of March.