Questions and Answers – Local Style

21st May, 2009

Attended an excellent meeting last night in Blackhall Place. It was a bye election Questions and Answers organised by the community development sector. There was around 150 people at the meeting.

It was disappointing that FF did not attend the session given that all of the focus was on the effect of national decisions on the local community.

I was honest in answering all of the questions last night. I explained how the assets in our community could be better used to provide employment. I did not support local employment quotas. This could lead to other large local projects (but in other constituencies) not employing the people I want to represent.

I also described what FG would do differently in relation to the provision of public services. Not everybody agreed with me but at least people saw that we had thought out answers.

It is easy to say that you are against cut backs, you also have to say what we would do differently. I did my best to do that last night.