Reasons to keep going

5th October, 2010

I can’t pretend that the last few days have been easy in Fine Gael. Opinion polls, muttering and the normal course of events have made it hard going. I was pretty miserable myself at the end of last week. I shared a lot of feelings with Liverpool fans, a huge club, with a massive fan base, led by a good leader but struggling. However for a mixture of reasons things have brightened up.

Firstly, as bad as things are they are nowhere as bad as they are for the 100,000s of thousands of people who don’t have a job.

Secondly, we still have so many members who are proud of our party and want to see us do better. I’d no difficulty filling our table for the annual Presidents Dinner with Dublin Central members.

Thirdly, we have good policies with a fine array of people able to communicate them, and hopefully make them happen.

Finally, if you can go down quickly you can go as up quickly again.

See the Gate is staging some Beckett plays. To horribly paraphrase the great man – ‘We’ll go on’.