6th November, 2012


Residents have been in contact with both myself and Councillor Ray McAdam regarding recent changes made by Dublin Bus to the 53 bus route. Most of these concerns relate to the limited frequency of buses and the timetable currently in operation. Unfortunately, the present timetable is very restrictive in respect of late evening services from the city centre as well as early morning services from East Wall. In response to these concerns, both Councillor McAdam and I have contacted Dublin Bus seeking a review of the current timetabling arrangements for the No. 53. We have sought a commitment from Dublin Bus to complete a wider review of its services in the East Wall area. Let me assure you that we will continue to liaise with Dublin Bus in respect of this matter and keep the community fully updated of any progress made.



The failure to properly secure and maintain properties and sites across the city has led to problems with anti-social and criminal behaviour. Throughout the past number of months, Councillor Ray McAdam and I have been working with Dublin City Council in order to compel owners of such buildings to carry out improvement works. There are two particular sites that are causing particular problems for residents in the East Wall district. Firstly, the former Cahill factory site on Church Road continues to be a magnet for dumping and graffiti. Officials have ordered the current owners of the site to clean up the front of the building and remove all graffiti on the perimeter walls. Whilst I welcome this improvement, I believe much more action could be undertaken. Local residents continue to experience problems with anti-social behaviour arising from the McGinley site. I understand that Council officials recently inspected the site and that a request for further works is likely to be served on the owners shortly.



Dublin City Council recently completed work on a final design for the refurbishment of Sean McDermott Street swimming pool. More than €1 million has been provided by the Government and the City Council to fund the renovation of the Sean McDermott Street pool and two other City Council pools. It is expected that a contractor will be selected early in the new year to undertake these much needed works. This is obviously a very welcome development but both myself and Councillor Ray McAdam are disappointed by the length of time it has taken to get to this stage. We have been committed to ensuring that the pool remains open and that these essential renovation works proceed as quickly as possible.



Since March this year, the Minister responsible for the Office of Public Works (OPW) has been engaging with the Insurance Federation and individual companies to address the difficulty home-owners in flood risk areas have in obtaining insurance cover for their properties. Minister Hayes informed me, during a recent debate in the Dail, that the OPW recently put forward proposals to develop a sustainable system of information sharing with the Insurance industry for areas vulnerable to flooding. The aim of this presentation is to ensure that the flood prevention and defence works carried out by local authorities and the OPW meet the requirements set out by the insurance industry assessments of risk. By developing a satisfactory information sharing system, it is hoped that an agreement can then be reached between the State and insurance companies that will ultimately see home-owners get the insurance cover they need to protect their homes from potential flooding in the future. If you have any questions about this issue, please get in touch with me and I will answer any queries that you may have.



Following the Government’s decision to formally wind-up the Dublin Docklands Development Authority, the new transitional board has recommended that a Strategic Development Zone be established. This SDZ will mean that separate planning schemes being developed in the North Lotts area with another developed on the Southside. It is envisaged that this SDZ will ultimately replace the existing Docklands Master Plan which runs out by November 2013. Draft proposals will be published after Christmas and a public consultation will begin shortly afterwards. By utilising this process, the Government hopes to continue with the social and economic regeneration of the docklands area. Both myself and Councillor McAdam will keep you updated about how you can be involved in the public consultation.



Local Councillors recently approved the allocation of money to local groups from the East Link Fund 2012. As you know the Community Development Section of Dublin City Council receives an annual payment from East Link Ltd that is to be divided amongst groups and projects in communities on both sides of the Liffey. This year will see in excess of €30,000 being allocated to groups and projects based in the East Wall area. The December City Council meeting will formally approve this list after which all recipients will be notified.