Recent Flooding

26th October, 2011

Unfortunately many householders in North Strand experienced flooding of their homes for the second and third time in the past ten years earlier this week. Firstly, I want to pass on to those affected by the flooding my sincerest sympathies and to say whatever assistance I can provide over the coming weeks, to please get in touch with me. Throughout the coming weeks, I intend to discuss with officials in Dublin City Council what steps and measures it can take to alleviate the risk of future flooding in the area. This may have been a severe storm but more must be done to protect the homes of local residents. I will be seeking for a comprehensive survey of the drainage network in the North Strand be carried out to determine what improvement works are necessary. Strengthened drains and regular cleaning of shores and gullies are central to the prevention of flooding in the future. Let me assure you that I will keep you updated of developments in relation to this matter.