Reforms and Money

12th February, 2011

I am fascinated by Dermot Desmond’s intervention regarding political reform. The man so closely linked to Fianna Fail during the boom years claims there is a “lack of competence in government”. We didn’t need you to tell us that Dermot.

Am I being cynical in thinking that Dermot’s proposals are being made because he realises he won’t have a hotline to the next administration like he did with the last one?

Away from the aforementioned millionaire’s Pauline conversion to political reform, much of the campaign is focussed on the tax plans of the parties.

Well, of Fine Gael and Labour anyway. From speaking to people who have seen their tax burden soar, there is a real sense of “enough is enough”. That’s the Fine Gael philosophy too. It is time to change the way we run our public services, not just look to working people for more money to fund a broken system.