Royal Canal Park Residents Association

12th March, 2009

Just back from attended a residents association meeting in Royal Canal Park, Dublin 15. It was a very well organised meeting and a pleasure to attend. There was some concern and, indeed, anger about many of the issues
facing this community.

Main one was how anyone managed to give planning permission for a development that did not have the right kind of road and bridge going into it. This has meant that so many of the residents face such difficulty going into and from work.

I briefed the meeting on where things stand with Reilly’s Bridge, rail electrification, local policing and the next city development plan. All good stuff but a lot more to do.

Continue to be struck by how impressive the RCP development is. It is very well finished off and there is a range of good facilities present. But a lot more does need to be done on the basics. I’ll certainly do my best to help.