Santa cleared to fly into Irish airspace on December 24th – Donohoe

23rd December, 2015

Irish Aviation Authority grants permission for multi-point landing for low-flying sleigh


Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Paschal Donohoe TD has welcomed the permission granted by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) for Santa Claus, a team of nine reindeer and a flying sleigh to enter Irish space on Christmas Eve. Minister Donohoe also confirmed that Santa would be landing at or near the homes of boys and girls around the country, but only those who are tucked up asleep in bed.


Commenting in advance of Christmas Eve, Minister Donohoe said: ‘I am informed by the IAA that it has been told that a very large man with a white beard and bright red suit will be operating a low flying sleigh with eight reindeer being led by one with a big red nose. Children are being encouraged to be ever better behaved than normal and to make sure they snuggle up in bed early after washing their faces and brushing their teeth early tomorrow evening. Children who don’t go to bed are unlikely to get the presents they asked for in their letters, most of which were posted in November’.


“I have also confirmed that the country’s stock of milk, biscuits and carrots are sufficient for everyone to leave a snack out for Santa and the reindeer on Thursday night. This will help Santa, Rudolph and the rest of his team on their travels on Christmas Eve. I am sure that Santa would join me in asking everyone to be safe on our roads and around our coasts this festive season and has asked other aircraft to make sure to give him plenty of space as he makes his approaches to landing.”