Sean McDermott Street Swimming Pool:Progress

11th December, 2009

Councillor Ray McAdam has provided local groups and residents with the below update on this local swimming pool. He’s done a great job on this vital issue. We all need to work together to keep the pool open beyond next year.

“I wanted to provide you with a further update on the situation regarding the Sean McDermott Street swimming pool. I and my Fine Gael colleagues on the City Council had discussions with City Council officials this afternoon about the Budget and particularly the future of the pools. As a result of funding from Central Government, the Council management will be making €600,000 available in funding for the three pools, meaning that each of the pools will not be closing on January 1st. This allocation will be split between each of the facilities but once this funding has been used no further funding will be available from Council.

I am delighted that this money has been made available and that we have to work with the community to establish the future direction of the Sean McDermott Street pool. I am keen for the City Council to work with community groups in determining how the pool is managed and run from now on.“