Seanad Work

21st October, 2009

What a day. Started at 9 with a meeting with the new member of my team Aisling. From that I had an EU affairs committee meeting. Minister Martin was at the meeting. I questioned him over the situation in the Czech Republic. He said that the EU was seeking clarity on the situation there. Iasked what that meant. The Minister deftly side stepped this. I also raised questions over EU understanding amongst the Irish public and fiscal exit strategies.

All of the FG senators then had a meeting with Enda. There was a good discussion at this meeting. Views were exchanged. The group supported the decision made by Enda.

From that to the Order of Business. Good stormy stuff. I asked what was so radical about asking the people if they want to keep an institution? What do we have to hide? Fildelma got thrown out due to heckling. FF completely blew their opportunity. They were weak and divided with no clear message. They didn’t even know if the Seanad was sitting next week. Made it all a lot easier for us to articulate our points.

From there to the very end of a committee meeting. Now having a break and then a Parl Party meeting and a meeting on crime and policing in Stoneybatter.