Showing Leadership

10th March, 2011

Showing Leadership

Politicians should be treated in the same manner as all other public servants.

We will abolish the additional pay for Ministers who leave office. We will restrict the payment of pensions to politicians so that in future a member can only qualify for a pension at the national retirement age (currently 65) and upon leaving public life. We will cap taxpayers’ subsidies for all future pension schemes for politicians (and indeed for everybody) that deliver income inretirement of more than €60,000.

We will halve the cost of the existing provision of ministerial transport. We will provide for the efficient use of transport including the release of garda drivers to normal policing duties. We will end the automatic right to state cars for former office holders and other state officials.

We will introduce a new code of practice for the use of the government jet, ensuring transparent and cost effective travel.

We will hold a referedum on the abolition of Seanad Eireann.

This will be supported by measures to make Dail Eireann a more powerful parliament. To achieve this aim we will:
• Overhaul the committee system.
• Extend the sitting days of Leinster House.
• Allow backbenchers introduce more legislation.
• Implement direct questioning of semi state organisations.