Sign of the Times

28th February, 2009

While walking home from Leinster House yesterday I saw a sign for a bookfair. I checked it out more closely as I am a huge book lover. I discovered it was a sign for the 4th Anarchist Book Fair. The holding of the first, second and third Anarchist book sales had passed me by. But you could not miss the signs for this.

I got home to discover a leaflet from the Communist Party of Ireland waiting for me. The stirrings of a Dublin commune!

There is nothing unexpected in any of this. The free market economy is devouring itself. The economics of the world will move to the Left. It is to be expected that the gravity of politics will also tilt.

This will present a challenge to governments all over the world. While demands for retribution against the economics elite grow politicians will be engaging with the same elites to get demand and credit flowing. What is to be done?

A few things. Honesty is paramount. The gravity of the situation is paramount. Complete clarity is needed as to where things stand. Secondly, we must invest for the future. In making decisions about where to put tax payers money we must look to what will win tomorrow, not what cannot fail today. Finally, the global market economy is the most effective mechanism for lifting people out of poverty and creating wealth. But, it is not a God. We should not get down on bended knees in front of it. It is a result of political decisions and such decisions can and will change the direction of it.