Sinn Féin wants to reject EU budget rules and then ask for more money – Donohoe

16th May, 2012

Fine Gael Dublin Central TD, Paschal Donohoe, has today (Tuesday) described Sinn Féin’s proposal for an investment package as farcical, adding that the Party expects to be able to reject EU budget rules on one hand, and then turn around and ask them for money with the other.

“This is yet another example of Sinn Féin’s fantasy economics. The Party is calling for a €13 billion investment package, which it says would be part-funded by the European Investment Bank.

“This is the same Sinn Féin that is calling for us to reject EU budget rules, by opposing the Stability Treaty. It is also the same Sinn Féin that previously said we should reject the bailout. Does Sinn Féin really think if we reject the Treaty and turn our back on the EU, we will then be able to turn back around and ask for billions of euro for an investment package?

“This is akin to refusing to pay your mortgage and then expecting your bank to give you another huge loan. Sinn Féin thinks we can refuse to stick to EU budget rules on one hand, while asking for more money with the other. This is an utterly unrealistic approach.

“The reality is that if we want to protect the jobs we have and create the jobs we need, a Yes vote in the Stability Treaty is essential. This will help to bring about the certainty and stability needed for growth.”