Sinn Féin’s economic policies read like checklist for destruction – Donohoe

5th February, 2016

Fine Gael Minister for Transport for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Paschal Donohoe TD, has said that Sinn Féin’s economic policies read like a checklist for destruction, as proven by their support for Syzria.


“Sinn Féin has no credibility on the economy – none.


“Make no mistake. Sinn Féin would wreck the recovery just like their sister-party Syriza in Greece, who they abandoned once their flawed approach was exposed.


“In fact Sinn Féin’s list of economic policies reads like a checklist for economic destruction.


“Sinn Féin’s populist economics, such as Gerry Adams’ simplistic suggestion during the crisis that we should just tell the troika to go home, would risk the recovery.


“Sinn Fein believes people earning over €33,800 should pay more than 50% income tax. In fact they want to hike income tax for higher earners up to 59%.


“They want to abolish the 40% tax relief on pension contributions, hitting both private and public sector workers. A guard or nurse on €40,000 would automatically lose €800 per year.


“They would hike employers’ PRSI to 15.75% scaring off entrepreneurial activity and hike up capital acquisitions tax (inheritance tax) to 35%, hammering middle-income families.


“Sinn Féin strongly supported the Syriza party in Greece, as they played out a real-life drama of the strategy advocated by Sinn Féin. It backfired spectacularly.


“Fianna Fáil brought us to a Greece-like brink and Sinn Féin’s policies would have pushed us over the cliff.

“The Sinn Féin/Fianna Fáil alternative will guarantee economic destruction.”