18th March, 2008

Dear Resident

Smurfit Site – Phibsborough Area Plan

The future development of the Smurfit site will have a substantial impact on the local area and community. In recognition of this, the site was included in the Phibsborough Area Plan. This plan was recently published. I am writing to make sure that you are aware of the key points in the plan for this site and how you can make a submission on the Plan.


The Phibsborough Area Plan

Currently all planning decisions in our community are made with reference to the Dublin Development Plan. The planning principles in this plan are City wide and make little reference to local circumstances. An Area Plan creates planning guidelines that are specific to a local area. The City Council and An Bord Pleanala must then make their decisions based on this Area Plan. Such a plan has now been drafted for the Smurfit site as part of the Phibsborough Area Plan. This Plan will become valid if adopted by our local Councillors.

The Smurfit Site

Residential / Community Facilities

· The Area Plan proposes that the site should be re-developed for primarily residential use with retail space also provided.

· Residential development should account for a maximum of 80% of total floor space in the site.

· It is also proposed that future development of this site be used to provide a community hall or a similar facility. (PLEASE TURN OVER)

· The proposed community facility would be situated in the original industrial building on Botanic Road.

Height of Development

· Require a general average building height at the edge of the site of up to 3 stories.

· This increases to 4 stories in the centre of the site with some opportunities for increases.

· Retain existing chimney stock.

Transport and Access

· It recommends the installation of a new East West pedestrian and cycle route linking up Botanic Road and Iona Villas / Iona Park.

· The plan stresses the need to minimise car dependency.

· Provide for a predominantly pedestrian environment with car parking at surface level.

How you can make a submission

Submissions should be addressed to Tom Vaughan, Planning Department, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8, or by email to before 4.30p.m. on Tuesday 22nd April 2008.A report will then be prepared on all submissions made to the Phibsborough Area Plan, including the Smurfit site. All Dublin City Councillors will then vote on an amended plan.

If you have any questions with the plan or if either Mary or I can help with any matters in the area please do not hesitate to contact us.


Paschal Donohoe Mary O’Shea

Senator – Dublin Central Local Councillor