So near and yet…..?

6th June, 2009

Sitting in the count hall in the RDS as I write this. Have incredibly mixed feelings. Yes, I lost. After all of that work, that effort and planning. But, and there are so many buts…

I got 10198 votes by the end of the bye election. My first preference vote was 6439.. I can’t even begin to describe how proud I am of this. We pushed all of the other political parties into distant third and fourth. Am so incredibly proud of this result.

The best thing of all is the spread of where the votes came from. We saw our votes tripe and quadruple in places where FG have previously done badly. Just feel so proud of it all.

Then saw Mary O’Shea got elected. Great news. Mary was co-opted. She now has her own mandate and will do a super job.

Ray McAdam looks like he will make it in North Inner City. Probably means we will have 3 representatives in Dublin Central (please God) by the end of the night. We had one 5 years ago. Real clear wonderful progress.

I’ll sleep well tonight, whenever I get home.