Social Partnership Discussions

2nd December, 2009

The discussions in Government buildings have stepped up a gear. The potential for another national strike on Thursday is focusing the minds of all involved. That, of course, is to be welcomed.

But I am really worried about tha plan on the table. The option of 12 days unpaid compulsory lead appears to be a key part of the new deal. But how will this work?

  1. Firstly, how will levels of service be maintained? How will we process medical card applications, maintain the school year and keep up levels of nursing with fewer hours worked.
  2. Secondly, will it really deliver a €800 million saving? After staff hours are changed and cover plans are put in place how will it deliver this saving? €800 million may be the gross saving but will it be the net saving.
  3. Finally, will it not create a new kind of division in the public service. Between those on the front line and those on the ‘back’ line. Do we not have enough division at the moment?

Hopefully all of these questions can be answered.