Somewhere in the middle of day 2 and day 3

1st May, 2009

Our public meeting went really well tonight. Richard was brilliant, full of passion, suggesting new ways of managing our economy and public services. We had around 35 people at the meeting. Nearly everyone spoke and all of the contributions were full of worry about where things stand but also hope that things will get better.

Mary Banotti also attended. She’s just super. She contested the last bye election in Dublin Central in 1982.

After this we had a strategy meeting for the bye election. Trying to get the detail sorted of who will do what and how is trying but essential. The romantic fiction is that the candidate leaves this to others. Rarely
happens. Given how much any candidate knows about their constituency they have no choice but to be involved. I’m so lucky to have a great group of people helping me.

Just home now. It’s now the next day. Day 3. Am tired but will be on the road early for the launch of a campaign on special needs education. Back then to work in the constituency for the day.

Listening to ‘ Are we human, or are we dancer’ by The Killers at the moment. Seems to make a lot of sense now..