Standing up for iPhone users and cyclists. All at the same time!

24th September, 2009

Dublin City Council must intervene in iPhone/bike rental dispute


Paschal Donohoe, iPhone user and Seanad Transport Spokesman, has called on Dublin City Council to intervene in a dispute over an iPhone application that shows Dubliners where their nearest Dublinbike is located.


Senator Donohoe said that the removal of this application due to the threat of legal action ‘just doesn’t make sense’.


“It has been reported that JC Decaux, the advertising agency behind the bicycle rental scheme, has threatened legal action against a company that launched an iPhone application showing where rental bikes are located. This is a really disappointing and senseless decision.


“The new bike scheme will depend on bikes being available, when and where people need them. A new application for iPhones provided this up-to-the minute information on where the bikes were located.


“In just over three weeks, more than 3,000 people downloaded this application. It has now been withdrawn due to the threat of legal action”


“Dublin City Council must intervene to reverse this decision. All available means should be found to publicise this scheme. iApplications for the iPhone are a great way of doing it. I will be writing to DCC urging them to take action.


“We should be encouraging innovation for the sake of the economy, not stamping it out.”